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Bedford Nursery Schools Federation

Bedford Nursery Schools Federation is made up of Peter Pan Nursery School & Cherry Trees Nursery School.

The Federation was established in 2014 following significant financial constraints placed on maintained nursery schools.  The governing bodies of both schools agreed that the only way to ensure that Bedford Borough retained the high quality education and childcare that the nursery schools have always offered, was to become a federation with combined leadership and management responsibilities.

The Federation’s staffing structure now comprises:

  • Executive Head Teacher 
  • Deputy Head Teacher responsible for SEND
  • Assistant Head Teacher responsible for Teaching and Learning
  • School Business Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Family Support Worker

All these members of staff have responsibility across both nursery schools and can be contacted through the school office if required.

Both schools have Qualified Teachers and qualified Early Years Educators in place. 

 There is one Governing Body who oversee both nursery schools. The Governing Body have a responsibility to oversee the schools financial planning and to this end the federation regularly benchmarks its spending and the outcome of this is reported here.