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Home Learning

What your child learns at home is very important to us in school.  We would like you to extend what they have been learning in school to the home environment to cement their new knowledge.

To help with this we will upload resources for you on this page.  This will range from the books we are reading, simple recipes that you can cook at home with your child, simple activities that you can do and songs that you can sing.


Ideas for Home Learning with your child   24.3.2020

Each day we will post some ideas for activities that you can do with your child at home to support the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Cook together at home.  We have simple recipes that you can make with your children at home.  Pitta pizza, pancakes, stir fry.  Spend time talking about the ingredients and healthy eating.

Communication and Language

Story Telling.  Children enjoy nothing more than snuggling up with a book.  Make it a time for you to be together.  Choose a familiar book and ask them how it might end and about the characters. 

Physical Development

Treasure Hunt.  Design a simple treasure hunt around the house and garden.  Give the children a list of easily found items and see how many they can bring you.  Make sure there is a prize at the end!



What's in the bag?  Put an object into a small bag and give clues to what might be inside.  Take it in turns and see who gets the most items right.


Sorting   Anything can be sorted!  Socks, coins, toys.  You can sort by size, shape or colour.  Using language to describe the items as you sort them - big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, smallest, etc. 

Understanding the World

Weather chart.  Take a few minutes each day to observe the weather and plot  on a chart.  A simply drawn calendar of days that you can write or draw the weather on each day. 

Expressive Arts and Design

Dance  It's free!  Turn the music up and just let go.


Today we are sharing some links to websites that you might like:

Hungry Little Minds -  simple fun activities for children aged 0-5 

Audible stories   Online stories for all ages 


Today we are sharing some of our Hello songs with you.  Try singing them at home. The words are in the Hello Song book in the singing section 


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Talking and reading with your child is the most important aspect of home learning.  Supporting your child to be a confident communicator is the key to success.

Books to read with your child at home:  Please follow the links below to access some free online books.

You can also visit your local library, either in person or virtually through the link below:

Virtual Library



Cooking is a great way to encourage communication with your child. It also supports mathematical leaning

Follow these simple recipes:  

Gingerbread man recipe

Yummy Apple Crumble.

Stir Fry



Songs to sing with your child at home.

Follow the links to find the words to the songs your child has been learning in school

Autumn songbook

Spring songbook

Hello Songs


How to make playdough at home.